Ahead of the FrightFest UK premiere of 12 HOUR SHIFT, director Brea Grant talks about her ‘Valentine to East Texas’, the heroism of nurses and being a child of the 90s.

You’ve said 12 HOUR SHIFT is a valentine to East Texas and the hospital staff who looked after your elderly father, could you elaborate?

I grew up in East Texas and most people will say that in spite of not living there since I was 18, I have a lot of very small town Texan qualities. My hometown is full of no-nonsense, hard-working people, so I took these characters and combined them with something that was very much on my mind when I first started writing the film - nurses in hospitals. There has been this sudden worldwide awareness of the importance essential workers since the start of COVID-19 but anyone like me with an elderly parent, sick loved one or health issues of their own can attest to how much we rely on nurses and hospital staff.

These nurses are superheroes. My dad had had a fall when I started writing this and we went through hospital, rehabilitation, and extended care all while he is battling Alzheimer’s. The hospital workers take care of everybody through what is the most stressful time of all our lives. They have to deal with life or death situations. It’s just an incredible person who goes into that profession. 12 HOUR SHIFT is funny and silly but at its core, I wanted to show the stress of being in a line of work where there is no downtime and you have people’s lives on your hands.

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I’m a child of the 90s so my brain still lives in the pre-Y2K era whether I like it or not. Y2K was what I now think of a global urban legend. We were all convinced the world was going to suddenly turn into an apocalyptic landscape at the stroke of midnight. I have always been fascinated by urban legends and 12 HOUR SHIFT’s jumping off point is the urban legend about the person waking up without a kidney in a bathtub full of ice.

Brea Grant on the set of 12 HOUR SHIFT

Did you always have Angela Bettis, star of the extraordinary MAY, in mind for the lead role?

I didn’t, but I have always loved Angela’s work. I keep a running list of actors I’d love to work with and she has always been at the top. I named the lead of Lucky, another film I wrote, May as a nod to that movie. When I brought the idea of her as Mandy up to my producers, they were also huge fans and thought she had the right gravitas for the role. I sat down with her and begged her to be in the film. It’s a tough role because it’s an underplayed lead surrounded by all of these heightened characters all while dealing with a very intense drug addiction and she pulls it off beautifully.

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I thank my producers for that over at HCT Media. Two of them are from Arkansas and my producer, Tara’s dad (shout out to John Perry who also has a cameo in the movie!) knew of a hospital in their town that had an empty floor that hadn’t been updated since the 90s. They were about to redo it and my producers asked them if we could shoot in it first. Occasionally, we would have patients stumble in looking for directions but overall, it was a dream for an indie because we had the entire floor to ourselves.

The movie is one of constantly shifting tones, from stark realism to horror, from comedy to anxiety, did that evolve organically while you filmed or was it always part of the plan?

Most of that was in the script. I ended up hiring a lot of improvisors in the supporting roles so the movie ended up being more bizarre and funny that I imagined originally but I was happy with where it went. They took the characters I had written and ran with them in the best way. Overall, I gravitate towards projects that are tonally interesting. I like a comedy. I like movies that are fun and escapist. I wanted it to feel like a heightened world while still having this very dark center. I want to keep the audience constantly on the edge of their seats. They don’t know what’s going to happen next.


You have become such a fixture on the global fantasy festival circuit with your past genre work, how important is that in your estimation?

That’s really nice of you to say. I love the genre community. Early on in my career I was mostly working in television and got a little taste of what it was like to be in the indie genre world. The community was so nice and supportive and I realized it was something I wanted to pursue. We don’t make a lot of money making indie genre so it has to be something you are really passionate about. In my personal life, most of my friends don’t like horror, so having a festival community has been a really nice way to be able to talk about the things I love.

What did actress Brea bring to the director Brea table with respect to 12 HOUR SHIFT?

I try to see what actors need from me and make a comfortable place for them to play. As an actor, I love constant feedback but some actors don’t want that. I check in early and often to see if they are getting what they need. On film sets (it’s not as possible when I’m directing TV) I also make sure we always do an “actor take.” That’s a take where they can throw away the script, throw away my notes, and do it how they see it. I end up using these takes so much. At the end of the day, as pretentious as this will sound, I’m a storyteller no matter what role I’m in. I want to do what serves the story best. I think about that before every scene no matter what my job is that day.

Will you continue to work in both fields or do you prefer directing over acting?

I still like acting. I just acted in a movie earlier this year for director Jill Sixx called THE STYLIST. But if you made me choose, I would choose writing and directing. My heart is in it no matter what I’m working on. Filmmaking as a profession fits my personality and personal goals much more.

You represent a double whammy this year what with 12 HOUR SHIFT and staring in LUCKY, which you wrote. Do you share the same creative values and work ethic?

Definitely. Our work relationship came so easily it was almost scary. She is just as passionate about what she does as I am but I prefer to work with people who can balance passion with professionalism. Natasha always did that. She had faith in my script from the beginning and I had faith in her vision as a director. We had met before and had one call before I agreed she was right for it. I was a fan of IMITATION GIRL and knew she could elevate LUCKY in the same way. Once she was on board to direct, it was Natasha’s vision 100%. I wanted to do whatever I needed to do to help her achieve that as an actress and a writer. And I think we were able to come out with an incredible film.

Finally, what’s next?

Like I said, I did some acting this year in THE STYLIST across from Najarra Townsend, who is so amazing to work with. I believe it will hit fests next year. I have a graphic novel called MARY that is coming out in October. And I’m working a bit more in the television space. During quarantine, I got the opportunity to write on two different shows, one called UNCONVENTIONAL and the CW show, PANDORA. I am also headed out to direct more episodes of Pandora next month.

12 HOUR SHIFT is showing online on Friday 28 August, 8.45pm, in the Arrow Video Screen, as part of the Arrow Video FrightFest August Digital event.

Tickets: www.frightfest.co.uk



Available On Demand and DVD September 1

10 horrifying tales directed by 8 of horror's most talented filmmakers

A Night of Horror : Nightmare Radio, premiering on Demand and DVD September 1, is a new anthology from brothers Luciano Onetti and Nicolas Onetti. Joining the Onettis are filmmakers Sergio Morcillo, Joshua Long, Jason Bognacki, Adam O´Brien, Matt Richards, A.J. Briones, Pablo S. Pastor and Oliver Park.

Rod, radio DJ, hosts a popular horror-themed show packed with tales of terror for eager listeners. When he receives alarming calls from a horrified child things start to feel off. What ensues is a roller-coaster ride of horror stories…

Ian Costello, Clara Kovacic, and James Wright help make up the cast.

A Night of Horror : Nightmare Radio is being distributed by Uncorkd’ Entertainment.


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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating stories in my head or on paper. My first written story when I was about six, was about a princess who survived a plane crash with her maid and wandered around in the forest chatting with the animals. She eventually found her way out of the forest and returned home. As you can see, Disney was huge in our house.

How did you get involved in fantasy/horror? 

Again, this goes back to childhood, but after my princess phase. For fantasy, I read Frank Baum’s Oz books so many times I could’ve recited them. Then I read everything I could get my hands on about ‘true’ ghost stories. This was pre-internet so the only place I could go was the library. From there it was an easy transition into Stephen King, and Raymond Feist. Of course I continued to make up my own stories, which is as is so often the case, borrowed from the authors I was currently reading.

Tell us about your publisher. 

I’m currently working with S&H Publishing, a small press. I’ve very much enjoyed working with them as they’ve allowed me to have a significant say in the publishing process. They’re quick to respond and very willing to work with their authors.


Oh jeez--I struggled with this one for Warehouse Dreams. For Warehouse Dreams, I landed on soft sci-fi romance. But because it’s set in contemporary Chicago, it definitely has urban fantasy connotations. But since it deals with genetic manipulation, telepaths and psychokinetics, that moves it a little more into sci-fi. I have another series coming soon about haunted houses in Sacramento and those are in the paranormal romance genre. If I had to choose one genre that encompsses all that I have or will write, I’d say I’m a spec-fiction writer.


Why do you think horror and fantasy books remain so popular? 

I think at the end of the day, humans just want to be entertained. Horor is entertaining; it makes our hearts pound, it makes us groan and wince or makes us hide under the blankets. Good horror makes us think because it should have some psychological elements as well. Fantasy is popular for people who want to exist in a different world. Fantasy tends to be hopeful, at least in the end--the good win and the bad are vanquished though good vs bad has become increasingly gray in the fantasy realm. 

What inspires your stories? 

My primary goal is to entertain. I want people to take a step away from their lives into stories and characters they love and root for. But I also want to normalize characters with mental health issues as well. All of my main characters are dealing with or have dealt with some level of depression or anxiety.

What do you think the main differences between American horror and British horror are? 

Uhhhhhhh….I’m definitely not an expert in British horror. I think American horror tends to have more gore and British horror tends to have more atmosphere.

What are your favorite horror books? 

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones is one of my favorite all time books. I also really enjoyed Mira Grant’s Into the Drowning Deep.

What are some of your favorite horror movies? 

I have a love/hate relationship with horror movies. I love the creepy build-up, but generally don’t feel like the pay-off is worth it. I loved Get Out and did enjoy the Haunting of Hill House, both of which have huge psychological elements.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as an author? 

As of this moment, I would say the release of Warehouse Dreams. Depending on how you look at it, Warehouse Dreams either took me a year or ten years depending on how you look at the story’s evolution. I’m so very pleased that it’s available for readers who will hopefully love this world and characters as much as I do.

Do you have any advice for new writers? 

Yes! Don’t stop writing. And there’s no ‘right’ way to be a writer or become published. Every person’s path is different, so what worked for one person may or may not work for another. Find out your path and don’t let anyone tell you, your way is wrong. And remember, if you write, YOU ARE A WRITER regardless of publication.

What is your opinion of the new self-publishing trend? 

I know many self-published writers with fantastic works and self-publishing is a great way to get a writer’s vision for their story in front of readers much quicker than traditional. However, there is a risk of self-published writers moving too quickly and putting out books that lack a coat of polish.

What are your current projects? 

I’m currently working on the sequel to Warehouse Dreams and a paranormal romance trilogy based in Sacramento.

Please in your own words, write a paragraph about yourself & your work. 

Theresa Halvorsen has never met a profanity she hasn’t enjoyed. She’s generally overly caffeinated and at times, wine soaked. She’s the author of both nonfiction and speculative fiction works and wonders what sleep is. When she’s not writing or podcasting at Semi-Sages of the Pages she’s commuting through San Diego traffic to her healthcare position. In whatever free time is left, Theresa enjoys board games, geeky conventions, and reading. She loves meeting and assisting other writers, and being a Beta reader is a particular joy. Her life goal is to give "Oh-My-Gosh-This-Book-Is-So-Good" happiness to her readers.

She lives in Temecula with her amazing and supportive husband, on occasion, her college age twins and the pets they’d promised to care for.

Find her at  www.TheresaHauthor.com and on Twitter and Facebook.

Buy Warehouse Dreams from Amazon at

Also available.
The Dad's Playbook to Labor & Birth: A Practical and Strategic Guide to Preparing for the Big Day Kindle Edition



August is a wicked month on Horror Channel, as the UK’s most popular small-screen destination for genre fans presents six summer weekend shockers, five FrightFest hits including the UK TV premieres of Julian Richards; REBORN, a Carrie for the Z Generation, starring horror icon Barbara Crampton, Jordan Barker’s WITCHES IN THE WOODS, an unrelenting assault of pure terror, Alistair Legrand’s highly unusual genre-blending chiller, THE DIABOLICAL and Milan Todorovic’s sharp-teethed, seductive KILLER MERMAIDS. All these films received FrightFest premiere screenings.

There is also a channel premiere for another FrightFest title, THE WINDMILL MASSACRE, where Friday The 13th goes Amicus in the Dutch countryside. Plus the mind-bending, twisty thriller IDENTITY gets a first showing on the channel.

Full film details in transmission order:

Saturday 1st August @ 23:15 – THE WINDMILL MASSACRE (2016) *Channel Premiere

A coach party of tourists embark on a tour of Holland’s windmills. When the bus breaks down, the strangers are forced to seek shelter in a disused barn beside a sinister windmill where, legend has it, a Devil-worshipping miller once ground the bones of locals instead of grain. As members of the group start disappearing, secrets are revealed that seem to mark them all for doom. 

Saturday 8 August @ 21:00 – KILLER MERMAIDS (2014) *UK TV Premiere

Kelly (Kristine Klebe) and Lucy (Natalie Burn), are on vacation in Montenegro with a group of friends. They decide to visit an abandoned military fortress on the remote island of Mamula. But what they discover there goes beyond all frightening insanity. For it’s the home of a Siren, a mermaid creature of Greek myth, lying in wait to lure men to their death with her enchanting beauty, entrancing song and razor-sharp teeth.

【丁威特官网介绍】丁威特行车记录仪、DVD导航_丁威特 ...:2021-6-14 · 丁威特 R9(顶配版) 产品类型: 智能云镜 产品功能: 语音双控,前后双录,4G车联网,重力感应,蓝牙通话,循环录影,停车监控,轨迹回放 外形设计: 2.5D曲面屏 屏幕尺寸: 8.0英寸 屏幕类型: IPS 产品尺寸: 295*82mm

Single mother Madison and her two children keep being awoken nightly by an increasingly strange and intense presence. Seeking help from her scientist boyfriend, they embark on a hunt to destroy the violent spirit that paranormal experts are too scared to take on. But what is Project Echo and why does that past experiment seem to be impacting on their frightening present?

Saturday 22 August @ 21:00 – REBORN (2018) *UK TV Premiere

A stillborn baby girl is abducted by a deranged morgue attendant and brought back to life by electro-kinetic power. On her sixteenth birthday, traumatised Tess (Kayleigh Gilbert) escapes captivity and sets out to find her birth mother (played by Barbara Crampton), leaving a trail of horrifying violent destruction and chilling chaos behind her.

Saturday 29 August @ 21:00 – WITCHES IN THE WOODS (2019) *UK TV Premiere

A group of students head off for a snowboarding adventure on an untouched piece of land. When their SUV mysteriously stalls in a brutal snowstorm they are not only faced with the reality of freezing to death but a fate even more horrifying. For they have become stranded in Stoughton Valley, home of some Witch Trials even more horrendous than Salem, and are being hunted by a supernatural creature determined to keep them there.

Sunday 30 August @ 21:00 – IDENTITY (2003) *Channel Premiere

Ten strangers with secrets are brought together in a savage rainstorm – among them a limo driver (John Cusack), an ‘80s TV star (Rebecca De Mornay) and a cop (Ray Liotta) who is transporting a killer. They all take shelter at a desolate motel but relief is quickly replaced with fear as the ten travellers begin to die, one by one. They soon realise that, if they are to survive, they’ll have to uncover the secret that has brought them all together.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Horror Channel brings suspense and splatter to its July line-up

Horror Channel brings plenty of suspense and splatter to July’s line-up with the UK TV premiere of THE REZORT, where ‘The Walking Dead’ meets ‘Jurassic World’. Starring Dougray Scott and Jessica De Gouw, this fast-paced, gory horror is directed by Outpost franchise helmer Steve Barker.

There are also channel premieres for Damien Macé & Alexis Wajsbrot’s cleverly sinister DON’T HANG UP, where an invisible predator turns the tables on two online prankers, and Paul W.S Anderson’s cult gaming adaptation RESIDENT EVIL, with Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez in blistering form.

Plus, there are welcome returns for NO ONE LIVES, director Ryuhei Kitamura’s taut, tension-laden cat-and-mouse thriller, starring Luke Evans, alongside Sam Raimi’s unforgettable genre classic THE EVIL DEAD and fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger will welcome the clone-seeker’s top-notch performance in THE 6TH DAY.

Full film details in transmission order:

小说排行榜 - 点击榜 - 2021完本免费网络小说排行榜 - 话本 ...:话本小说网小说网提供每天最新最热门的各类小说排行榜,包含玄幻,都市,仙侠,穿越,言情、明星同人等小说排行榜。数千万用户人气推荐,权威可信,最精采的、最好看的小说尽在其中。

In the aftermath of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak, rich holidaymakers can visit a luxury theme park where every paying guest has a license to kill the captive undead in organised Zombie Safaris. Such Zafaris are the ultimate blood sport experience and for many much-needed therapeutic revenge for suffering horrendous family losses. When the security system crashes at The ReZort, unleashing hordes of bloodthirsty Zee’s on the unprepared vacationers, it’s up to enigmatic, former zombie hunter Archer (Dougray Scott) to save the day.

Sunday 12 July @ 21:00 – DON’T HANG UP (2016) *Channel Premiere

Two teens devise ever more elaborate prank phone calls to share online for their eager followers into impersonal humiliation. But as their involved practical jokes become increasingly nastier, it never occurs to them they might be playing a very dangerous game. So when a mysterious threatening stranger calls the home landline, they suddenly realise they may be in very real peril, as the caller reveals the violent extremes he’s willing to employ to extract retribution before they’re able to reveal his identity.

Saturday 18 July @ 21:00 – RESIDENT EVIL (2002) *Channel Premiere

Based on the popular video game, Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez star as the leaders of a commando team who must break into "the hive," a vast underground genetics laboratory operated by the powerful Umbrella Corporation. There, a deadly virus has been unleashed, killing the lab's personnel and resurrecting them as the evil Un-dead. The team has just three hours to shut down the lab's supercomputer and close the facility before the virus threatens to overrun the Earth.

Saturday 11 July @ 23:00 – NO ONE LIVES (2012)

Fourteen students are murdered and the crime scene offers no clues to the whereabouts of the one person who could be the only survivor. Months later a gang of robbers screw up their latest heist and mug a couple in a car instead. What they realise too late is that the driver is the killer responsible for the student massacre. Then it’s Psycho vs. Psychos in a taut, tension-laden cat-and-mouse chiller that sees both sides trying to outdo the other.

Friday 17 July @ 22:50 – THE EVIL DEAD (1983)

Five college friends are holed up in a remote cabin where they discover a Book Of The Dead. An archaeologist's tape recording reveals that the ancient text was discovered among the Khandarian ruins of a Sumerian civilization. Playing the taped incantations, the friends unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods…

斗罗大陆4终极斗罗最新章节列表:正文 第六百九十八章 攻击 ...:2021-1-17 · 【笔趣阁小说官网】提供了唐家三少创作的玄幻小说《斗罗大陆4终极斗罗》干净清爽无错字的文字章节:正文 第六百九十八 ...

A ruthless power broker is using his advanced genetic-engineering technology to clone human beings for personal gain. Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an old-fashioned family man and decorated fighter pilot comes home one night to discover that his life has been stolen by his clone, and his existence erased. Plunged into a sinister world of murder, corruption and high-tech deception, Adam must fight back in order to reclaim his family and his identity.

Horror Channel: Be Afraid
TV: Sky 317 / Virgin 149 / Freeview 70 / Freesat 138

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Arrow FrightFest postpones 5-Day August Bank Holiday event / Plans in place to return in October

Due to the continuing COVID-19 restrictions on social distancing, Arrow FrightFest’s traditional five day event in August has been regretfully put on hold. Instead, the organisers are planning to expand their traditional all-day Halloween event at the end of October.

Alan Jones, co-director, said today: 
“Sadly, we won’t be able to come together and celebrate our 21st year in the summer but rest assured, we will make our London Halloween event one to remember. FrightFest has always been about the genre community joining together, not just to embrace films but to demonstrate our unique spirit of supportive closeness”.

The pandemic hasn’t stopped graphic artist Graham Humphreys from creating this year’s stunning Monster art. In fact, it inspirationally reflects the extraordinary and unexpected turn of events.

Humphreys comments: 
“The image presented a huge challenge. Not only had the pandemic erased any hope of a regular FrightFest schedule, but the possibility of a Halloween event needed to be addressed. This year's monster needed to consider his Covid-19 response with a mask and goggles. The poster for 'Halloween II' inspired a way to present the full face without risking infection! Is the bat his friendly familiar - or the bringer of pestilence? You decide!”

Details on dates, venues, films and ticketing for the Halloween event will be made available in due course.



奥拉星蓝冰魔鬼鱼解析 小风筝鱼刷什么学习力_百田奥拉星官网:2021-4-27 · 系别:电系 他的技能大部分以特殊攻击为主,所以推荐刷特功和速度,特功可以刷费尔区费尔村落的炎蘑菇,速度可以刷费尔区费尔村落的火丁。 推荐配招:幻魔光

Italian musician and film director Federico Zampaglione has followed up on his well-received short movie BIANCA, with an even more horrific study of Italy under lockdown - BIANCA: PHASE 2. Again shot on his iPad in three days and starring his ten year old daughter alongside his current partner, actress Giglia Marra, Zampagione, who created, edited and produced the film single-handedly, has cast his former wife, actress Claudia Gerini in a cameo role and, obeying lockdown rules, involved only family members in the location roles – Marco and Giula Chermaz, his cousin and nephew respectively

Phase 2 of the Italian lockdown has begun and Bianca (Linda Zampagilone) and her mother (Giglia Marra) decide to go to the reopened local park to enjoy their new found freedom in the sun. But an evil presence is stalking them and when Bianca is kidnapped, her mother enters a nightmare world trying to find and save her daughter from a terrible danger.


Federico said today: 
“This is the second episode of a planned trilogy, and the action has become more horror-oriented. The biggest challenge was making a beautiful Roman park look like a disturbing and creepy place. I had to make it look completely empty and desolate, so it was all about waiting for silence and using all the camera angles to avoid including other people in the frames.

One of the most interesting aspects to me, being a musician, was not using music that much.  Instead I worked a lot on building up an increasingly unnerving atmosphere using mostly natural sounds, like birds, dog barking, weird animal noises) rather than the classic score”.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Interview with Jeff Oliver By David Kempf


When did you first become interested in writing?

I started really writing when I was just 11 years old. It's was like a bomb went off within my soul. The ideas have flooded my mind ever since then. Think of it like a vortex of letters and words jumbling together 24 hours a day seven days a week. A blessing or a curse? Each day is different for me So the answer is both. I write so much my hands cramp up. The ideas keep coming even if I want to take a break, it's like something is telling me to keep going even if I don't feel like writing...it always seems like I have to.

How did you get involved in fantasy/horror?

I write real-life truths, horror is definitely one of them. I guess I've always written horror and the unimaginable. You know? Places most people are scared to go. Deep down in my mind lies something I can’t explain, voices and visions..childhood traumas and premonitions it’s like my soul will never be forgiven.

Tell us about your publisher.

I was published with Creative Talents Unleashed for my first book titled “Strange Sounds” which is my debut collection of poetry. It rages from love to insanity, Heaven and Hell and everything in between. The book is available on Amazon and is now Self published by me because the publisher has released all contracts to each author. I now have a new publisher “Cosby Media Productions” out of Atlanta Georgia which I have signed a 10 year contract with many great things ahead including another Poetry book this fall. Shortly before signing with Cosby Media, I self-published my debut horror novel “Poetic Fiction: Journals Of Silent Screams” it is a rhyming poetic horror story that talks about abuse and revenge. It is unlike anything out there.

How would you classify the genre you write?

From the soul, from the deepest corners of my mind. I don't label myself in any specific genre, because I never know what to expect when I start to write. One moment it's about my beautiful wife, the next it's the flames of Hell. I'm an unpredictable writer. Is there a category for that?

Why do you think horror and fantasy books remain so popular?

People adore the unknown and unexplainable, a quick rush. Fear is a natural emotion, we all have it in us. If it's triggered just right it opens doors we've never experienced before. Kind of like an escape from the reality of the world around us. Something different, something unreal. We all have that curiosity of the unknown, and reading a good way out of an often boring reality keeps interest in this style.

What inspires your stories?

Could be a word, could be a photo. My stories vary from love to pain. Hate and rage, insanity in its purest form. My stories are unique and people flock to my madness. I write what my soul is feeling at that particular moment.

What do you think the difference between American horror and British horror is?

Horror is determined by what kind of experience you have. I'm not sure this question could ever be answered correctly. It depends on the mindset of the writer, where they have been and where they are going with whatever story they are writing at the moment. In an open mind a horror story can be written in the most horrific fashion. Most of my horror stories are written from experience not fiction. Horror is sacrifice, and it depends on the writer to bring that to life. So I really don't see a difference between the two. I do see the same visions brought to life in their own unique ways though. In the end, it depends on the psyche of each individual writer to really get the hair standing up.

So I think the difference between the two is the mindset and the way they think of ways to make us scream.

What are your favorite horror books?

Stephen Kings IT, The Stand, Pet Sematary, The Exorcist, The Silence Of The Lambs, and The Hunger.


What are some of your favorite horror movies?

The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, Saw, The Exorcist, 47 meters Down.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as an author?

I self-published my unique rhyming horror story ”Poetic Fiction: Journals Of Silent Screams, then shortly after signed with Cosby Media Productions.
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Just be yourself, write for you first. You will always have people that do not appreciate your work and dedication. Keep shining, keep grinding. Never give up on your dreams.
【魔兽世界中文官方网站】全新版本“争霸艾泽拉斯”来临,让 ...:《魔兽世界》经典怀旧服祖尔格拉布团队副本现已开放,120种全新的精良和史诗物品等待着冒险者们的光临。

I've just recently self-published, so far it is okay. Sales are coming in and I've been self-promoting and am having some success. The shipping is slow because of what is going on in the world. I am new to it just released in March so I still have to see how it goes.

What are your current projects?

I have a project with Cosby Media that will be released this fall, no spoilers just yet.

Please in your own words, write a paragraph about yourself & your work.

Jeff Oliver was born in Baltimore Maryland on April 6th, 1982. Starting his writing career early at just 11 years old, his mind has always collected thoughts and transferred them to paper. There are thoughts about troubled childhood, thoughts of love and imagination never elude his pen. A poet by passion and a father of seven beautiful children his dedication to his craft is second to none. He resides in New York with the love of his life, Jennie. She is his muse. Madness lives in his mind sparking unimaginable works of art that will never be fully understood or explained. His words are real and provoke insanity through an imaginary portal of nightmares and dreams. A writer of intense emotions. Jeff has written a collection of poetry that was published last year by Creative Talents Unleashed titled Strange Sounds. His first fully published collection of poetry, full of monsters and beasts, love songs and total insanity.

As he evolves from poetry, he has now completed his very first unique hard-hitting novel. He is ready to take on this literary world with every emotion that resides in his soul. ”Madness illustrates what insanity demonstrates, while chaos illuminates what Hell creates”. An example of Jeff’s many styles of writing. Jeff wants to reach audiences of the broken and deranged, the misfits and the caged. He would like to reach the people that society seems to leave in waste. ”The mistakes”, the strange and the hated. The ones that people tend to forget. Jeff will never fit in just like the audience he seeks, he just wants the world to know that it’s okay to bleed.

Recently Signed with Cosby Media Productions with a 10 year contract.

POETIC FICTION: Journals Of Silent Screams


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There are star-studded shocks aplenty on Horror Channel in June, courtesy of the SPINE-CHILLER SEASON - a selection of supernatural mysteries to get your summer off to a very scary start. Scheduled for Saturday nights at 9pm, the season is headed by the Channel premiere of the moody and violent chiller GOTHIKA, starring Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr. and Penelope Cruz. Other titles include Kevin Bacon’s career launcher STIR OF ECHOES, the gripping US-remake of THE GRUDGE, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the terrifying supernatural thriller PAY THE GHOST, starring Nicholas Cage.

There are also UK TV premieres for the sharply eerie NAILS, starring Shauna Macdonald and Ross Noble and the deadly VIRAL, where a global parasitic virus is turning victims into blind, blood spewing zombie hosts. Plus, there are Channel premieres for Michael Peterson’s blood-pumping survival horror KNUCKLEBALL, Alistair Orr’s stylish supernatural suspense FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET, featuring a killer role by Australian scream queen Sharni Vinson and John McTiernan’s ROLLERBALL, a head-slamming remake of the 1975 Sci-Fi hit.

Full film details in transmission order:


Saturday 6 June @ 21:00 – GOTHIKA (2003) *Channel Premiere

Miranda Grey (Halle Berry), a brilliant psychiatrist, is accused of a heinous murder she cannot remember. Unable to fathom having committed an act of such brutality against a husband she loved and admired, Miranda is shocked to find herself incarcerated at the Woodward Penitentiary for Women, alongside the criminally insane patients she once treated. As Miranda struggles to reclaim her sanity, she realises she’s become the pawn of a vengeful spirit. Now she must quickly determine if she is being led further from her sanity or closer to the truth.

Saturday 13 June @ 21:00 – STIR OF ECHOES (1999)

After he is hypnotized at a neighbourhood party, Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) changes. He sees things he can't explain and hears voices he can't ignore. As the horrific visions intensify, Tom realises they are pieces of a puzzle, echoes of a crime calling out to be solved. But when his other-worldly nightmares begin coming true, Tom desperately tries to rid himself of his eerie, unwanted powers.

Saturday 20 June @ 21:00 – THE GRUDGE (2004)

A remake of the original Japanese series , again directed by Takashi Shimizu, the action moves to Tokyo, where we are once again in a haunted house, where American nurse Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse, one that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim. Also stars Bill Pullman.

Saturday 27 June @ 21:00 – PAY THE GHOST (2015)

Almost a year after his young son disappeared on Halloween night in New York City, Mike (Nicolas Cage) is alone and haunted by terrifying visions of his son. Determined not to let go, he researches all the cases of missing children in the city and comes to a horrifying conclusion. That every Halloween a vengeful ghost surfaces to abduct three children and if they don't recover their son within a short window of time on All Hallows Eve, he will be lost to the spirit world forever. Following a series of terrifying clues, Mike is led deeper into the ancient curse that could destroy him and all he loves.


Friday 5 June @ 21:00 – NAILS (2017) *UK TV Premiere

Super-fit track coach Dana Milgrom (Shaun Macdonald) suffers a near fatal run-in with a car which leaves her almost completely paralysed. Trapped inside her own body, with her speech severely affected, Dana communicates through a voice synthesised computer keyboard. Staring at the prospect of a lengthy recovery process in a rundown rehabilitation hospital, Dana’s physical vulnerabilities are about to be heightened by a supernatural inhabitant of the hospital. A shadowy figure with long, sharp, finger nails...

Friday 12 June @ 17:20 – VIRAL (2016) *UK TV Premiere

Teenaged sisters Emma (Sofia Black-D' Elia) and Stacey (Analeigh Tipton) live a normal life, until their small suburban neighbourhood is stricken with a mysterious parasitic virus. As the disease rapidly spreads, the two barricade themselves from infection. But it may already be too late - when the virus enters their home, the sisters are faced with an impossible choice: protect each other, or survive the virus.

Sunday 14 June @ 21:00 – KNUCKLEBALL (2018) *Channel Premiere

Alone, and targeted on an isolated farm, 12 year old Henry finds himself at the centre of a maelstrom of terror, and a dark family legacy, when his secretive grandfather dies suddenly in the night

Friday 19 June @ 21:00 – FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET (2016) *Channel Premiere

Kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy diamond distributor in Cape Town. But when they have her locked up in their hideout and prepare to issue their ransom demands, they realise too late that she’s been possessed by a sinister and very powerful demon.

Friday 26 June @ 21:00 – ROLLERBALL (2002) *Channel Premiere

Jonathan Cross (Chris Klein) is the most popular player in the fastest and most extreme sport of all time: Rollerball. Along with teammates Marcus Riley (LL Cool J) and Aurora (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos), Jonathan is giving viewers what they want: a dangerous game packed with visceral thrills, breakneck speed, and head-slamming action. But things go wrong when Rollerball’s creator, Petrovich (Jean Reno), realises that serious on-court accidents bring higher ratings.

Horror Channel: Be Afraid
TV: Sky 317 / Virgin 149 / Freeview 70 / Freesat 138
Website: http://www.horrorchannel.co.uk


洛克王国宠物编号大全 - 豆丁网:2021-6-5 · 001喵喵‎,002 喵‎呜,003‎魔力猫,0‎04 火花,‎005 焰火‎,006 火‎神,007‎水蓝蓝, 0‎09 水灵,‎010 蹦蹦‎种子,01‎1 ...


When did you first become interested in writing?

I was interested in my early 20’s, but when I sat down to do it I discovered I didn’t have all that much to say. Or maybe I just didn’t know how to say it.

So I sat writing aside. I moved to Chicago where I fell into a hard scrabble life for four or five years, working in a factory during the day, haunting strip clubs and skid row bars at night, drinking, hustling pool. Met more than a few interesting people on skid row. They all had a story. And they were more than willing to share it.

Then I met a girl, there’s always a girl. She cleaned my ass up. Fast forward about ten years, add in marriage and becoming a dad, just living life, you know, working a job, paying the mortgage. Then my dad died. He wasn’t that old. That sort of thing gets a man to thinking about mortality, so I decided to give it another shot, and this time I discovered I had things to say.

How did you get involved in fantasy/horror?

I’ve always since interested in fantasy and horror, even as a kid. My mom gave me a copy of THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU when I was 10. It was the start of a love affair that continues to this day.

蓝小灯破解版How did you make this a full time job?

Writing was never a full time job, not until about a seven or eight years ago. Until then I wrote during my lunch breaks at work, at home, sometimes into the wee hours of the night. Short stories in the beginning, lots and lots of them. NIGHT CRY, THE HORROR SHOW, CEMETERY DANCE, BORDERLANDS, RAZORED SADDLES, a lot of ‘best of’ anthologies.

Then I wrote a novel, LESS THAN HUMAN, which to my utter amazement was nominated for the Bram Stoker award. I’d seen copies of it at Walden Books, Barnes and Noble, Joseph-Beth, B Dalton. I was on my way, baby. Time to start lighting my bong with twenty dollar bills. Nope. That book didn’t lead to a full time writing career. So back to the day job.

What to do? I’d grown to loathe my job in I.T. I really wanted to be a writer, but my agent was insane and then she died. No agent, no prospects on the writing front. I was trying to figure a way to get back in the game. I love movies, always have. One day while I was hanging at a video store (remember those?) I thought I’d try my hand at writing a movie script. To my surprise, I discovered I could do it. Now I have one in development with Thunderknight Productions. I guess I’d call myself a full time writer now. Maybe even a producer too, ha. But I’d never use that word in polite company.

Why do you think horror and fantasy books remain so popular

Wish fulfillment maybe. In fantasy, a place to act out grand adventures, to shed the grind of daily mundane life. Good overcoming evil, something that doesn’t always happen in the real world. In horror, who doesn’t like a good scare?

What are your favorite horror books?

The Island of Dr. Moreau, as I mentioned earlier.
Dracula by Bram Stoker.
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.
The Drive-in by Joe Lansdale.
Ghost Story by Peter Straub
Silver Scream edited by David J. Schow
Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
The Shining, again Stephen King
IT. Stephen King. What can I say, the guy wrote some damn fine books. Still hate the ending of this one.
Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice.
Lestat by Anne Rice. Those early books of hers were awesome.
The Girl Next Door. Books don’t get better than this. But after reading that puppy, I decided once was enough for me.

What are some of your favorite horror movies?

The Thing. Both versions. Love James Arness as the flaming carrot. The Carpenter version, IMHO, might just be the finest horror movie ever made.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The ’78 version with Donald Sutherland is a masterpiece of paranoia.
Halloween by John Carpenter.
Cat People. Both versions.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Tobe Hooper original. You can keep the rest. Maybe number 2, but that’s as far as I go.
Dracula. Both the Louis Jourdan and the Gary Oldman versions appeal to me. A side note, the new BBC 3 part version was 2/3 of a good series about our favorite blood-sucker.
Creature from the Black Lagoon. Best rubber monster suit of all time.
Forbidden Planet. Sci-fi horror. Great score.
Tremors. Best buddy movie ever.
It Follows. Some definitely creepy shit.
Near Dark.
Ginger Snaps. You’ll never look at teenage girls the same.
The Howling. Cool werewolves.
Fright Night. The original with Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowall. Grab an apple.
Pretty much anything from Hammer. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.
Also anything with Vincent Price. Love those Edgar Allen Poe adaptations he did with Roger Corman. Masque of the Red Death, Fall of the House of Usher, Tomb of Ligeia.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as an author?

I guess I’d have to say coming up with a really different take on vampires in LESS THAN HUMAN. And it’s still selling 28 years later. 8 editions in those years including paperback, hardback, Kindle and Audible. There’s even a coffin edition.

A reviewer recently said it reads as fresh as anything written today. Man, as a writer, you gotta love that.

Do you have any advice for new writers?

Due to the overwhelming number of self-publishers on Amazon, I’d say don’t quit the day job.

What is your opinion of the new self-publishing trend?

I hate it. I came up when your writing was judged by the gatekeepers, the agents, the editors at publishing houses. You had to be good, in most cases, to get the green light. Of course there was still crap that got through. But now the floodgates are open. Anyone can lay claim to being a writer. They say everyone has a book in them. I’d say no they don’t. I’d say a few self-published books are good, but most are crap with a good looking cover.

酒馆战棋中的弗丁已经无解 改进打法后吃鸡更加轻松_炉石 ...:2021-1-29 · 酒馆战棋中的弗丁已经无解,改进打法后吃鸡更加轻松网络说到炉石传说酒馆战棋中如今最强势的英雄,多半就是新出的佛丁了,之前也给大家说了一下这个英雄的打法,那时候是机杂流,但随着大家的开发,对他相关的套路也有了一个改进,正好虎牙知名主播Kimmy也出了一个佛丁的攻略,我们一 ...

I’m working on a prequel to LESS THAN HUMAN.
And I’m helping produce a screenplay I wrote, STRAIGHT TO HELL.
Also trying to stay alive during this Coronavirus pandemic while helping out friends and family who’re having a hard time fending for themselves. 

Please in your own words write a paragraph about yourself & your work. 

I hate writing about myself. I’m not being coy, I mean it. It’s my least favorite subject. Instead, if you don’t mind, I’ll just share a recent GOODREADS review of LESS THAN HUMAN from Lisa Lee. I think it sums up what I tried to accomplish with the book.

LESS THAN HUMAN by Gary Raisor is unlike any other vampire novel. The story is built on mystery, intrigue, a unique twist on old legends, blood, and playing pool.

Raisor weaves in a diverse lot of vivid, colorful characters with engaging backgrounds and personalities. The story is complex, a mix of ancient lore and modern concepts, realism and supernatural, humanity and inhumanity. Raisor uses a slow reveal technique to uncover the horrifying truth behind the events taking place. The climax and conclusion brilliantly defied expectation, and I found the epilogue particularly well-played.

Less Than Human has some graphic scenes and disturbing content. Gary Raisor pushes the boundaries of vampire horror fiction into extreme horror with this one. This is not a romantic vampire novel nor even a classically brutal one. This one contains scenes of mental and physical torture, and Raisor is relentless in his presentation of the horrors therein. For serious horror fans only.

Less Than Human - Amazon Kindle
Sinister Purposed - Amazon Kindle
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